Generative AI

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Build next-gen business solutions powered by GenAI, wether its informed decision making, streamlined operations, or redefining customer experiences our solutions can seamlessly integrate cutting technologies like advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics to deliver unparalleled experiences.

Intelligent Repo Search

Crawl your unstructured data repositories (video, image, audio, text) to build information models

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Intelligent Conversational AI

Fetch user intent based data from the information models.

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Natural Language DB Search

Get concise, accurate, and usable responses through natural language query from SQL and NoSQL databases

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Smart Summarizer

Generate summarised responses based on user intent

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Multi-lingual for text & voice

Supports 99+ languages

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Transform with AWS 

Unlock the potential of your enterprise data, elevate your GenAI solution, and redefine efficiency by leveraging a spectrum of intelligent AWS services.

Intelligent Document search with vector DB & LLM
Utilize internal databases for personalized input in your GenAI document search engine. Enhance precision by transforming domain data into vectors for generative AI.

Intelligent Document Search with Amazon Kendra & LLM
Create highly accurate document search engine for your business data by integrating Amazon Kendra, a fully managed service offering pre-configured semantic search functionalities, along with LangChain and Large language models.

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