Cloud strategy and Consulting

Build your purposeful cloud

Readiness Assessment

Evaluate the cloud readiness of your current stack by assessing applications, architecture, and infrastructure components for a seamless transition to cloud.

Align with business

Define business goals for your applications and infrastructure components that align with your business priorities.

Cloud strategy

Define your future state architecture on cloud by Leveraging our expertise starting from migration plan, converting monolith to microservices, deployment models, etc.

Cloud Governance

Shellkode leverages cloud-native governance solutions to offer end-to-end business resilience, operational transparency, and swift policy implementation to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is always compliant, safe, and optimized. Well-Architected Audit - Our Architect Pod will conduct Well-Architected Review.

Long-term road map

This talks about the detailed path for cloud adoption, this talks more about the Cloud adoption strategy like architecture best practices, plans for the deployment and unit testing, pathing, management, implementation of observability, security baselining.

Manage & Improve

Design a sustainable infrastructure that is continuously optimized for cost, performance security and also, scalable, and highly available.