Data on Cloud

Experience the power of intelligence-driven business.

Database Management

Streamline your databases with ShellKode's DBA-as-a-Service. From SQL to NoSQL, we ensure high availability and disaster recovery. Trust us for replication setup, query optimization, and seamless operations. Experience expert database management today.

Database modernization

Modernize your databases with ShellKode. Adopt microservice-based setups, migrate to PostgreSQL, and embrace purpose-built databases. Enhance scalability, reduce costs, and unlock optimal performance.

Data warehouse modernization

Scale limitlessly with cloud-native data warehouses. Migrate and optimize TBs/PBs of data effortlessly. Enhance performance, workload management, and monitoring. Modernize your data warehouse with us.

Data Lake

Unlock data-driven decision-making with our optimized data lakes. Centralize and process raw data seamlessly, feeding multiple layers like ETL and Big Data. Experience reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in managing your valuable data.

Lake House & Transactional Data Lake

Harness the power of Lakehouse solutions for enhanced data capabilities. Streamline ETL pipelines for real-time and batch processing of vast data sources. Gain valuable insights through expert data visualization and tailored BI services.