50% faster GTM with Argo CD implementation for Klub one of India's largest Revenue Based Financing investor

Klub is a fintech play providing growth financing to high-affinity brands. Klub’s investment platform, which utilizes financial innovation, community engagement, and deep data-driven analytics, provides skin-in-the-game growth capital to entrepreneurs of much-loved brands across sectors.

Business Challenges:

  • Self healing: Klub did not have self healing capabilities for their containers. Accidental deletion of containers or other Kubernetes resources was a huge risk to their - business.
  • Complex application architecture: Klub's applications had a complex architecture, with multiple microservices that needed to be deployed and managed independently.
  • Rollback and roll anywhere: Application or configuration rollback was crucial for Klub.
  • Drift detection: Klub wanted to have a dashboard to detect configuration drifts.

To address these challenges, Klub decided to implement Argo CD, an open-source continuous delivery tool.


  • Infrastructure-as-Code: Shellkode adopted Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) practices. Enabling version control and tracking changes to their infrastructure.
  • GitOps workflow: Implemented a GitOps workflow using Argo CD. Developers simply had to commit their code changes to Git, and Argo CD would automatically detect the changes and trigger a deployment to the appropriate environment.
  • Declarative configuration management: Shellkode used Argo CD's declarative configuration management capabilities. To help them manage their application configurations as code, eliminating the need for manual configuration changes.

Business impact:

  • Faster deployments: With Argo CD, the company was able to automate its deployment process, reducing the time it took to deploy applications from days to minutes.
  • Improved quality: Klub was able to ensure consistent deployments across different environments, reducing the risk of errors and improving the quality of their applications.
  • Increased visibility: Argo CD provided Klub with greater visibility into their deployment process, enabling them to identify and troubleshoot issues more quickly.

Overall, Argo CD helped Klub streamline its deployment process, reduce errors, and increase agility. As a result, they were able to bring new features and updates to the market faster, improving their competitive edge and customer satisfaction.

Tools used:

ArgoCD, ALB ingress controller and GitHub