Automated deployments with EKS migration for Klub one of India's largest Revenue Based Financing investor

Klub is a fintech play providing growth financing to high-affinity brands. Klub’s investment platform, which utilizes financial innovation, community engagement, and deep data-driven analytics, provides skin-in-the-game growth capital to entrepreneurs of much-loved brands across sectors.

Business Challenges:

  • Limited scalability: ECS had limitations in terms of scalability, making it difficult to handle large-scale applications and spikes in traffic.
  • Vendor lock-in: ECS was a proprietary solution, which meant that the company was locked into Amazon Web Services (AWS) and could not easily migrate to other cloud providers.
  • Complex application architecture: Klub applications had a complex architecture and it had a lot of platform dependencies.

To address these challenges, Klub decided to migrate to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), a managed Kubernetes service offered by AWS.


  • Containerization: Klub already containerized their applications using Docker, making it easier to manage and Scale them on Kubernetes.
  • Monitoring and scaling: Kubernetes tools such as Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) and Kubernetes Dashboard to monitor and scale their applications as needed.
  • Cloud native: Klub wanted to have a platform agnostic solution so that it would fit all their customer's needs.

Business Impact:

  • Scalability: EKS provided Klub with greater scalability when it comes to managing their critical financial components, and independently scale its event-driven architecture.
  • Flexibility: Kubernetes and EKS provided Klub with greater flexibility, enabling them to easily move to other cloud providers if needed.
  • Increased efficiency: Kubernetes and EKS enabled the company to automate their deployment process, reducing the time and effort required to manage their applications.

Overall, the migration to EKS helped Klub to increase scalability, flexibility, and efficiency, enabling them to handle their growing platform more effectively and compete more effectively in their industry.

Tools used:

Terraform, EKS, Ingress controller.