How Paynearby migrated its payment system to AWS and handled 2.5 cr transactions per day.

About Paynearby:

Paynearby is one of the largest branchless banking and digital network systems in India. Operating on a B2B2C model, it partners with neighborhood retail stores and enables them with the tools to provide digital and financial services to local communities. Through their tech-led DaaS (Distribution as a Service) network, they serve 75% of India. 

Business Challenge:

- Their Aadhar Enabled Payment System was running on a primitive setup

- The application was facing heavy load so scalability and reliability was critical. 

- The current data center setup for their payment system was pushing their cost high


- We were able to migrate our crucial application to AWS with minimal downtime by utilizing the DRS service. 

- The infrastructure was secured according to compliance standards using AWS Security Hub, for increased reliability.

- Implemented an AEPS DR setup for high availability within the region.

- Increased or decreased RDS instances based on customer needs for scalability.

- Created two read replicas to reduce load on the primary server for load management.

- Archived large tables to improve query performance and reduce storage, and enabled automated backups for easy data restoration without loss.

Business Impact:

- Implemented a highly scalable infrastructure that can handle upto 2.5cr transactions/day seamlessly. 

- Improved AEPS performance upto 300%.

- Implemented AWS WAF to secure the environment from DDOS, and other cyber related attacks.

- Migrating to AWS reduced Infrastructure cost 40%.