Reduced AWS billing by 50% for LifeSignals a end-to-end Bioweb Platform

Lifesignals is a, end-to-end Bioweb Platform that can be leveraged to develop healthcare solutions, and assist partners transform Holter monitoring, In-hospital, and Remote Patient Monitoring services according to specific business needs and client base.

Summary of the project 

Lifesignals have a highly regulated environment and strict compliance requirements managed by a large IT team responsible for different applications and services. To ensure the performance and availability of their applications, they need a monitoring solution that can provide real-time visibility into their servers and edge devices.

Business Problem 

  • The company was experiencing challenges managing their AWS infrastructure due to the complex nature of their applications and services. 
  • They had a monolithic AWS account that contained all of their workloads and services, making it difficult to manage and secure.
  • Customers faced challenges with their development process, including delays in releasing new features, long build times, and inconsistent deployments. 
  • Developers would make changes in isolation and then integrate the changes during the release process. 
  • The company needed a better way to streamline the development process and improve the quality of their releases.
  • Lifesignals need a proactive monitoring solution that can identify issues before they impact the end-users


  • Implemented a multi-account strategy to address their challenges and created separate AWS accounts for each department and application, based on specific business requirements and compliance regulations.
  • Each account was managed by the designated applications and services team.
  • Created a master account that served as the central point of control for the governance of all sub-accounts and to ensure they are compliant with the company's security policies. 
  • Shellkode also analyzed their EC2 instance usage and found that they were using instances with more compute power than they actually needed. Shellkode suggested to use the reserved instances instead of on-demand instances. By right-sizing their instances and purchasing the reserved instance, they were able to save an additional 50% on their compute costs.
  • Shellkode also identified unused resources and services that were no longer needed and terminated it.
  • Implemented a CI/CD pipeline to automate the build, test, and deployment process, allowing the team to release new features quickly and consistently.
  • The Monitoring solution provides real-time alerts and reports on the status of the servers. 

Business Outcome

  • The isolation of workloads and services in separate accounts made it easier to apply security policies and controls. This minimized the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Implemented cost optimization solution to reduce their monthly AWS bill by 50%.
  • The CI/CD pipeline automates the build, test, and deployment process, allowing the team to release new features quickly and consistently.
  • The real-time reporting and alerts provided the IT team with the visibility they needed to monitor and manage the servers effectively.
  • The proactive monitoring helped them minimise the downtime by quickly identifying and resolving the issues.